"We cannot solve our problems with the same kind of thinking we used when we created them" (Einstein)

Small and Medium Enterprises

Operation monitoring

As a part of our service, we overview operational and financial performances, and draw attention for those smaller problems, of which solution can improve the results of the enterprise significantly within a short time.

We review most important processes of the enterprise, identify redundancies, duplications, loops, unnecessary waiting times and we make propositions to eliminate them. As a result, internal processes of the enterprise become more accurate, efficient and faster.

We review applied business model and the enterprise’s financial position, then we define those points, where intervention brings rapid improvement, reduces costs or increases results. 

Controlling report development and support

By using our methodology we develop proposals within a few days and for acceptable price, which can immediately improve the results of the enterprise.

According to Hungarian market surveys, about 70% of small enterprises don’t apply controlling or a suitable software, while the same surveys show strong correlation between the amount spent on controlling and the profit before taxes, already in case of less than 50 000 Ft (160-170 €) monthly controlling spending.

Detailed planning is important for a successful business, but it is more important to respond in time, if plans are not met, if something is not working properly. For this, it is necessary for managers to see performance and financial position up to date, for which we suggest to introduce a controlling system.

Our suggested solution is not only shows data for the managers, but provide information, and help him to make informed decisions, to identify strengths and areas for improvement, to prepare necessary interventions, and to improve efficiency.

We also undertake to maintain and update controlling reports continuously, to process incoming data, in order to managers can avoid allocating additional resources to that, moreover all of this is for a very favorable monthly amount.

Assistance in external funds involvement

Small businesses often suffer lack of funds, so they can’t realize their ideas in absence of sources, and their growth is slower than they would be able to reach.

Our company helps our Clients to create financial background for the necessary improvements, by seeking them European Union or public tender offers, which could be suitable for them. 

In addition, we help in mediating between investors and ideas, thus the lack of necessary assets can’t stay in the way of business development.

In order to start up business from advantageous position – even at the time of preparing tender offer administration, even under negotiation with investors – we prepare for them a detailed business plan, which can attract investor’s interest.

Moreover, we help to construct a customized controlling report, by which the owner and the investor both can monitor the progress in implementing plans.