"We cannot solve our problems with the same kind of thinking we used when we created them" (Einstein)


Experts of Monte Consulting had already demonstrated their competences in the following projects:


Project delivered

Cartographical and Geodesical company

Procedure and organizational security audit: Overview the current state of IT, and a proposal for the IT organization model development.

Energy company

EDMS introduction: Project management for the introduction of an electronic document management support system.

Introduction of document management system: Development of a document management system, coordination of experts.

Health center in Budapest

Development of Patient Care Strategy: margin analysis, cost analysis, controlling, creation of business plan, management consulting, business planning, process optimization.

Company operating in tourism industry

ICT strategy development: Condition assessment, development of Information Technology and Communication strategy, special regard of opportunities related to the company’s portal. Development of system innovation strategy.


Management, business and financial consulting: Assets assessment and categorization, business and legal review of contracts, contract register creation. Coverage and return analysis, cost calculations by product lines.  Business process overview, defining efficiency improvements.

Road management company

Project management and quality control: Synthesize high-value, complex, EU-funded development projects in a single action plan. Coordination of project preparation and implementation, professional opinion, preparation of project documentation, technical quality control.

IT development project support: Monitoring professional background system capabilities and possible application areas. Analysis of potential service opportunities, partnership development exploration, helping in the formation of support packages, pricing and business models.  

Hospital in Budapest

Analysis in hospital’s administrative and support areas: Condition check, diagnostics, define actions for cost reduction, revenue increase, efficiency improve developments, suggestions for quick wins and implementation plans, primarily for non-clinical areas.

Recruiting company in Budapest

Controlling process and controlling system implementation: Pretension and process assessment, define key performance indicators and necessary management information, implementation and training of methodology and control system. 

Optimizing financial processes: Assessment of financial processes, identification of shortcomings and bottlenecks, development proposal for management, IT support and control issues.

Company operating in energy industry

Development of ITIL concept: Planning company’s ITIL concept and its introduction, assessment of necessary processes.

EDMS implementation: Project management for the implementation of an electronic document management support system.

Coordinate hardware and software procurement: Matching terms and conditions for hardware and software license purchases, coordination of transportation.

ICT strategy development: Development of Information Technology and Communication strategy, supplemented by detailed action plans.

Development of paperless office concept: Assessment of paper documents and document management processes, phrasing development proposals for the support of the paperless efforts, for the implementation of the electronic work processes and for IT support.

Development of portal concept: Pretension and market analysis, content and functional analysis, define company vision, phrasing development proposals and action plans.  

Preparing for the introduction of the centralized publication system: Assessment and review of reporting and publication requirements and liabilities, phrasing development proposals for process optimization, analysis and IT support areas.

Hospital and rehabilitation institute

Financial structure development: Organizational and market survey, phrasing development proposals for finance, development of a new business model, monitoring the opportunities for the involvement of project supporting community resources.

Institutional strategy development: Define stakeholder’s interests and expectations, assessment of strategic environment, analysis of internal capabilities and resources, define mission, vision and strategic objectives, development of competitive strategy, development of economic tools to support the implementation of the strategy.

Define „Fee for service” operation: Define payment and Co-payment health services, develop business model and action plans, based on market and environmental analysis.

Medical project association

Support for international health project preparation: Project and business planning, in collaboration with participants, prepare financial, business and action plans, put together preparation documents, and presenting proposals in international forums.

Foreign rehabilitation institute

Preparation of tender documents: Preparation of professional tender documents for the foundation and the operation of the rehabilitation institute, medical professional and business planning, presentation and support for preparatory discussions.

Sociological analyst institute

Analysis of the Hungarian health care system: Analysis of the health care system structure, human and infrastructural condition, examination of available resources, financing, cost and revenue factors and define problems.

Creating health care study related to patient paths: Assessment of the key issues of patient path organizing, exploration of development opportunities for patient path model, develop rule system’s fundamentals. Presenting alternatives for the possible improvement of the financing system.

Institute engaged in health education and prevention

Expert support for portal implementation: Define target audience before the development of the institutional portal, define its functional requirements, make proposals about portal applications and content types and define non-functional requirements.

Health care management organization

IT development project preparation: Functional planning of health care background system, define business concept related to system operation, assessment of mapped business processes, high-level preparation of implemented data-model and determine non-functional requirements.