"We cannot solve our problems with the same kind of thinking we used when we created them" (Einstein)

Project management

Our project management methodology provides a solution for complex tasks that are unique and the tasks can’t be adapted to companies’ operational processes. Organizations are often inexperienced in solving such challenges, so there is a risk of not being prepared in time or exceeding project budget, or realizing lower quality of products/services than expected.

Our project management methodology ensures proper management, organization, escalation paths, considered schedules, probability of predetermined budget, transparency, and provides opportunity of individual and organizational learning.

One of the basis of project management is to intervene as soon as possible, if processes are not pointing towards the realization of the target, so that we can minimize the costs of the intervention.

We can help our Clients to access those best practices and our knowledge that we acquired empirically, during our former project activities. As an external project manager we can support the work of organizations as an objective participant, regardless of the internal formal and informal conditions (but of course respecting them), so the completion of the operational tasks also be provided.

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