"We cannot solve our problems with the same kind of thinking we used when we created them" (Einstein)

Strategy planning

Strategy development methodology

Strategy development process starts out from the company’s current state, but it is considered as a starting point, not as a limiting factor. Current state contains external factors on the one hand, like macro-economic environment of the company, relevant market trends, competitors and partners, on the other hand, the company’s internal features. Management aims to achieve a target state from the current position, which meets the expectations of the owners.

In order to understand the external factors and internal features, we prepare researches and make interviews with the leaders and the employees of the company, survey relevant documentation, and review activities and results of the past few years. We identify those key issues upon which ones corporate strategy can be built in such a way to support the achievement of corporate objectives.

Corporate strategy can be detailed to functional strategies, which focus on some key areas and assist to achieve the corporate goals and to improve performance.

 Results of strategy development

  • analyzing current situation/ status
  • preparing for further events
  • identifying target objectives and tools
  • concentrating and organizing resources to achieve strategic goals
  • defining of tasks, that are necessary to be done during the implementation of the strategy
  • modifying and strengthening corporate culture
  • increasing efficiency of processes
  • increasing quality of products and services
  • improving financial ratios and shareholders’ value

Balanced Scorecard

If a company has a strategy, the development of a BSC method provides the control for achieving strategic goals. To this, we first define, what are the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are relevant for realize strategic goals, and what values are to be assigned to them.

Then we formulate actions that will help to achieve those KPI values, and eventually develop a monitoring system, wherewith the execution of the strategy and the realization of operative goals can be continuously traceable.